$100,000 LVL40

We know that when it comes to wanting to get better profitability, the risk will unconsciously increase, and nobody teaches about risk management in the stock market. The risk you take to obtain profitability is the key. Our virtual stock market system rewards those that have the least variations in their profit curve. In the end, those that have the best score will manage the future Tradertwit social investment fund.

Trading is not a game, but even the most prestigious MBAs include gamification techniques. We have recreated an experience in which you’ll lose or get clients as you do trading. These clients get into a buying/selling market which provides you with real income. A real alternative to earn money on the stock market without having to worry about money on the market, where talent is rewared… all this, without any initial investment!!


If you use Twitter to keep up with your favorite stocks or gurus, you’re in luck. With Tradertwit you’ll be able to control your stocks, futures, or favorite Forex pairs, in a way that is completely oriented to investing on the stock market. Walls for each asset, walls for each guru and walls for each market. It has never been so easy to use social networks to invest in the stock market. A complete control panel about what happens on Twitter if we talk about trading. We aren’t just one more network, we are a financial tool that helps you work on Twitter.

Our API lets you operate
from within Twitter itself!

Investing in the stock market in a real and instant way
using the virtual Tradertwit stock market
will increase your value and your reputation
on Twitter..